I have extensive experience working with adolescents and their families. This is a difficult time of transition, a time during which a person is solidifying his/her identity. I can help adolescents think through their life goals and increase positive relationships with family members.

Through years of experience and a passion for adolescents, I have come to believe that working with teenagers demands a high degree of fluidity and flexibility specific to this population. I truly feel that in order to work with the adolescent population, one must genuinely like teenagers and must have a good relationship with one’s own adolescent self. To work with teens, you need to have the ability to enter into their world.  You need to be knowledgeable and accepting of the adolescent culture while at the same time maintaining your own authenticity.

Are you concerned about a teen who exhibits:

  • Anxiety, depression and/or a lack of motivation
  • Symptoms of ADHD
  • Developmental Disabilities and/or difficulties in school
  • Intense and painful emotions
  • Rapid changes in mood resulting in sadness, aggression or anger
  • Problems with the Youth Criminal Justice System
  • Taking part in gang-like behaviour
  • Using drugs and/ or alcohol 
  • Suffering from attachment disorders
  • Suffering from low self-esteem
  • Difficulties making wise decisions
  • Difficulties with relationships (parent-child, siblings, peers, authority)
  • Isolation
  • Dealing with divorce, separation, or conflict between parents
  • Grieving and/ or experiencing loss
  • Issues around bullying (being bullied or bullying)
  • Going through a life transition
  • Dealing with confusion around sexual orientation